About the brazen closet


You are a daughter, then a wife and maybe a mother. You go to school, get a job and do what you are "supposed" to do. But somewhere along the way you forget to be you. More often you don't even know who you are. Finding your authentic self is a journey and the first step is to be bold enough to decide to take that journey.

The word BRAZEN means being bold, unashamed and not apologizing for who we are. It is rooted in confidence that oozes when personality meets purpose.

Life happens, and living boldly while keeping our authenticity doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes, it takes going through a steep learning curve and making a conscious effort every single day to master the required skills.

Wearing what makes you feel amazing and comfortable in your own skin creates an opportunity to use fashion and style as a tool to improve your boldness and ultimately; your individuality. Wearing an item every day that makes me feel remarkable adds a spring to my step and brings boldness and confidence a little closer. That feeling when you know that you know that you know you look good!!! 

I know that I’m not the only one in this boat and this inspired my blog. I am on a mission to help women and every lover of style gain self-confidence one outfit at a time through my blog and Personal Styling Services.

I'm also passionate about women in business and their entrepreneurial journey. I love telling their stories, I believe this inspires other women to follow their passions and never give up.

I also help female entrepreneurs through my Image Consulting Services. This equips them with the ability to harness the power of non-verbal communication, create an impactful first impression as the face of their brand to increase visibility and success.


About the Author


My name is Kemi Odesola and I am thrilled you are here! 

I draw inspiration largely from my memories of growing up in the colourful West African beauty that is Nigeria to raising my beautiful family in the Canadian Rockies.

I am the wife of an awesome husband and mother to 2 wonderful boys. I am also spotting my natural hair (which is a journey in itself).

I can be an old soul in the comfort of my environment…. a trait which stems from spending my many years growing up with my seamstress grandmother who inspired my love for fashion.

I love unique and bold items that express style and personality. I love exquisite detail and can get a bit over the top with print, bright colours and accessories (hence my jewelry store Agatha and Helen).  

Welcome and join me on this journey to living BOLD and BRAZEN!

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