4 Ways to Style Red Pants - Part 2

Have you ever worn red pants to work? They are not as out of place as you would think! This 2nd part is styling red pants for work.

Style 3: Work/Professional Style

This look is perfect for work. I have dialed it down with a black blouse, but still added some personality with the bejeweled blouse underneath. The bejeweled blouse is a chiffon sleeveless top I wear mostly in summer, but it was perfect to add another dimension to the outfit, instead of just wearing a necklace, which is always an option.

When shopping, look for items with versatility and easily combined, to take simple outfits to the next level.

Styling red pants
Styling Red Pants
Styling red pants
How to style red pants

Style 4: Business Casual

This look is for a more casual office environment. A classic white or blue shirt is perfect for this. The folded sleeves and simple black collar necklace added the casual effect. Wearing a collar necklace under a collared shirt might seem weird at first when you think about it, but you never know if you don't try. See how nice the combination looks! 

I finished up both styles nicely with appropriate shoes: the nude heels for the first, which is more professional and simple black ankle boots for the second. Shoes can change the tone of any combination very easily and give you the perfect finished look.

Styling Red Pants
Styling Red pants

Are there any items you are finding difficult to style? Send me a quick line and I can show you quick, easy and stylish ways to combine them! Don't forget that confidence never goes out of style!  

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