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Ehi Ade-Mabo - Confidence, Empowerment and Purpose

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Ehi Ade-Mabo - Confidence, Empowerment and Purpose

I am excited to start 2017 with a Brazen Woman that is truly the embodiment of the word brazen. Her enthusiasm is contagious, it lights a fire in you to get going and be better. She is full of passion and conviction to empower every woman that crosses her path. 

Ehi Ade-Mabo is the CEO of Ehi Ade-Mabo Empowerment Media. She is a Business Coach - Transformational Coach - Success Coach - Life Coach - Motivational Speaker - former Business IT Analyst all rolled into one. 

She is very passionate about helping women step out of their comfort zones, overcoming their fears and achieving new heights in every area of their lives. Ehi is motivated when she sees women around her achieving success and it pushes her to empower even more people.

Here is a bit more about my conversation with Ehi, she has amazing advice on how to be successful in 2017.

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The Brazen Closet: How did you get started?

Ehi: I have always wanted to be in business for myself but wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Helping, encouraging and motivating people have always come naturally to me even before I knew I could make a career of it. I had an "aha" moment 3 years ago when I met a lady who is now my mentor. I could keep doing what I was so passionate about and turn it into a full time career and business. 

At the time I was an IT Business Consultant, so there isn't much of a connection between the two, other than communication as a transferable skill. I went from having a passion to help people to helping people and earning a living. 

Mindset is everything!
— Ehi Ade-Mabo

The Brazen Closet: What exactly do you do?

Ehi: I help women get out of chaos, get the clarity and focus they need to follow their passions. I help them maximize their potential. I help women step out of their comfort zones, over come fear, develop their self-confidence and help them take control of their lives. I love to get people to their desired result.

Everyone has different passions. It could be starting a business, getting a better job, transforming their mindset and so much more. I start with working on the mindset. Mindset is everything. Everything that shows up on the outside and everything we are starts from within. It comes from the way we think and process information. 

A person might see it raining and decide it will be a gloomy day while someone else sees the rain as growth and abundance. It is about a paradigm shift. I am a believer that if the mindset is in the right place everything follows. A mindset transformation helps to remove negative self talk and the noisy chatter in our minds. It brings clarity, focus and accountability.

I have a system with techniques and tools in place to achieve this. It is a process that takes some time, dedication and doing the work. Think about how long you've been alive for and formed a habit. If it took 30 - 40 plus years to get here, it will definitely take more than 30 minutes to transform a mindset.

A friend once called what I do an Encouragement ministry and I wasn't sure if to be offended or not (she laughs). My title doesn't matter too much the message and the results are more important.

Your Voice, Your Power Conference, 2015.


The Brazen Closet: What advise do you have for anyone looking to follow their passions?

Ehi: Get started!  Take action! Nothing brings momentum like action.

Before my business really started, I took a lot of courses and invested time and money in every thing. I read so many books and researched everything I could. I kept preparing and preparing and realized that the day to start never came. I still felt like I did not know enough and I was not perfect and ready.

I also spent a lot of time getting logos done and re-done, getting my website designed and re-designed. A lot of these activities are time wasters. If it doesn't move you forward and start making money for you, you need to cut them and get straight to the point. A logo is just that, a logo. It can be aesthetically pleasing and get you likes and comments but it is not translating to your bottom line.

All I would say to anyone trying to start something new, do something different, lose some weight, improve their life in any way; whatever it might be, just do it and GET STARTED! Don't wait till things are perfect, don't wait till you have your ducks in a row. Nothing brings about momentum like action.

When you take action, momentum comes and when momentum comes, success happens. Action brings about applied knowledge. It helps you learn what is possible and what isn't. You learn what works and what doesn't. You learn how to apply the theories you've read and you learn that not all theories are practical. You also learn that because it worked for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you. All of it is talk until you actually do it. Stop over analyzing! No matter how ill prepared you feel, just do it.

The Brazen Closet: What is the most important lesson you've learnt as a business owner?

Ehi: The most important and practical thing I did to be able to say I was truly in business was to put a price tag on my services. It helped me take myself seriously and made people take me seriously. It made me value my time and motivated me to be better and provide more value for my clients. It also meant I had to practice what I preached and it wasn't just talk.

Nothing brings momentum like action
— Ehi Ade-Mabo

It helped me know that my business was viable and people were willing to pay for what I was offering. Until you do this, you are not in business. It took a whole lot of courage on my part. It is actually one of the most difficult things I had to do. I even felt guilty asking for money. The first I time asked for payment, I practiced and rehearsed a thousand and one ways to say it. But after I did, it felt liberating. I knew I was now officially in business. 

2017 - Take Action Worksheet. Download below!

2017 - Take Action Worksheet. Download below!

The first time is always the hardest, after that it becomes much easier. You can have the most beautiful website but if you are not charging for your products or service you are not in business. All you have is an expensive hobby. That was one of the most important lessons I had to learn.

That experience was a mindset shift for me that has moved me forward. I value myself and my services so much more and it has translated to bringing the right people and clients my way. From experience if you are offering value, the cost will not be an issue to your target client.

The Brazen Closet: How did you get your name out there?

Ehi: The first thing was, I believed that I was worth it and the information I had was valuable, relevant and needed. When you believe this you won't have a hard time telling people what you do.

I got out there and started networking and using social media. I believe the message is bigger and more important than just me or my name, so I share at every opportunity I get. I also love doing live events. So far there have been 2 annual "Your Voice, Your Power" Conferences. I am planning at least 2 live events in 2017. 

The Brazen Closet: Do you use resolutions? What advice do you have to help us achieve more and be better in 2017?

Ehi: I don't do New Year Resolutions anymore, I set my intentions and focus with everything I've got. I don't allow distractions to get in the way. A major distraction people have is the fear of what people will say or think and allowing that hold us back. Those people are not worried about you.

You have to get over that fear of being concerned about what poeple will say or think becasue you know where you are going. You have a destination! Think about how many people will be better with your message and the impact you will make with your business and your passion.

People will talk anyway, whether you do something or not. If you are busy working and you keep moving forward, all of it becomes background noise because you are too focused on your destination to be distracted by things that don't matter. When you start to succeed and you keep gaining momentum, the same people will start looking up to you as an expert in that field and celebrate your accomplishments with you.

Pick one goal you want to achieve in 2017 and focus on it with all you’ve got!
— Ehi Ade-Mabo

People who get the vision will come on board. But not everyone will get your vision and that's okay. Not everyone needs to get your vision. God gave you that vision and the passion, so it is not for everyone. If it was for everyone, He would have given the same passion and abilities to everyone.

To carry the torch and make that impact, you have to be your own cheer leader. Love your business. Don't take things personal and don't worry about who supports you or who doesn't. Just do it! 

We don't have as much time as we think we do. We don't know what our life span is. We need to maximize our time and our potential. Desire is great but not enough, it needs to be backed by action. You need to want it like oxygen and go for it.

Your Voice, Your Power Conference, 2016.

2017 is the year to break down barriers and knock on doors. Ask anyone who can help you. Ask for the sale. We are not called to be mediocre. Wake up every morning thinking about how you can be better and do better. Think of ways to be creative and find solutions this year.

How can you get out of your comfort zone? Don't be concerned about who is watching or listening. Your concern should be how you can present a better version of yourself to the world and how can you serve, using your talents and passion.

2017 should not be like 2016 we must improve every year. Pick one thing you will work on for the year and focus on it with everything you've got. 

A lot of people start something and do it for 3-4 months, then wait for support from friends and family. When they don't get the validation, they get discouraged, majority of people don't make it out of that dip. We need to change that in 2017, we need to stay consistent and stick with it. But as smart women we need to be open to changes, tweak things that are not working and find solutions, reach out to see how are others doing it. Anything worthwhile takes a lot of time and effort.   

2017 will be a year like no other I know so many women who are rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to make things happen. Make it your year of no excuses. It also helps to surround yourself with like minded people, so you hold each other accountable and encourage one another. It doesn't matter if you are crawling as long as you are moving. It doesn't matter if you fall as long as you get up and keep going.

Be vulnerable. We don't like to put ourselves in a position of rejection. Every no you get is a chance to try again and find solutions till you get a yes. There are a million more people to ask. Believe you can and you will. If you give yourself excuses, excuses are all you will have. Find ways to create multiple streams of income this year.

Finally, trust God. You are not alone! 

Please comment below, let Ehi and I know if you have been inspired! You can also find Ehi at or on Facebook.

I hope you have been inspired to succeed in 2017, to go after your dreams and achieve them. To help you plan and focus on your goals in 2017, I have created a work sheet (Download below).

To set your intentions for 2017, write them down and work through the sheets. Put it where you can see it, so it continues to motivate you and you can revisit it continuously and reevaluate your progress.

As always, wear confidence on your sleeves!