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5 Brands to Shop From For a More Impactful Christmas

Kemi Odesola24 Comments
5 Brands to Shop From For a More Impactful Christmas

This week I have a guest post from Tammy, who is a free lance writer and currently creating her blog. It is Christmas season, when everyone is out shopping. Why not buy from local businesses and organizations that are making an impact and giving back.

Like Neveen Dominic said in my first "The Brazen Woman" interview, "as a business the more you give back the more you gain". How can we contribute in making more of an impact with our shopping this Christmas? By buying from businesses that align with our values. Keep reading!


‘Tis the season to go shopping! But what if there are better ways to shop? Working as a freelance journalist/writer, I spend most of my time on the internet. That is how I discovered shopping with impact.

I came across these amazing brands and non-profits that have changed the whole idea of smart shopping. From providing safe employment, empowering women and building communities of beneficiaries to using eco-friendly materials. These 5 brands and non-profits are showing us how our shopping choices impact the global community.

31 Bits

31 Bits is a company that uses fashion to empower. Back in 2008, founders Kallie, Alli, Anna, Brooke and Jessie were, as described on their website, “carefree 21-year-olds”. Today, they are running a company that works with artisans from Uganda. They create necklaces, bracelets, and all sorts of jewelry from recycled materials, specifically, bits of paper.

In 2016, they expanded their program to Indonesia and are now working with artisans in Bali, creating brass jewelry. 31 Bits is providing jobs, easier access to education, counselling, and health care services.  Avid jewelry shoppers around the globe who shop here help keep them in business!

Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids is a non-profit organization that works with women in Northern Uganda and Peru. With them, the art of crocheting is far more than just crocheting. This organization empowers women to be financially stable and provide for their household.

For this organization, it’s not just about providing work opportunities and fair wage. It’s also about empowering women. Each beanie you purchase from Krochet Kids has the signature of the person who made it. You get an amazing product with a special touch from the artisan, made only for you.


5 brands - The Brazen Closet


The Tote Project

Care to shop for a tote? We all need tote bags, and one of the best places to shop is The Tote Project. Known for #HoldontoHope, The Tote Project sells fair trade products created by women in India who were victims of sex trade.

According to a United Nations report from 2012, there are about 2.4 million people around the globe who are victims of human trafficking, one of which is sex trade. Through The Tote Project, these victims are given the chance to bid goodbye to their dark past and work on something that inspires millions of people. The Tote Project also donates 20% of its profit to Two Wings, a US organization that supports and empowers sex trafficking victims.

Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive is all about passion for fashion. Founded by Carly Burson, Tribe Alive sells an array of products – from bags to jewelry and various leather and handwoven goods – made by amazing people from developing countries.

For some, they are just marginalized people but to Tribe Alive and its supportive community, they are artisans. Tribe Alive provides its workers the tools and training to break the cycle of poverty. Every purchase has a huge impact on the lives of Tribe Alive’s artisans, from Honduras, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru.


Wrapping up our list is Hiptipico, an ethical fashion brand working with Mayan artisans from Guatemala. This company sells products that range from travel pouches to embroidered bags, all handmade from high-quality and sustainable materials.

Hiptipico not only provides a fair wage to its Mayan artisans, but also make sure that the culture and traditions of the Mayan community is well-preserved. This is reflected in all their products, which are mostly made in the traditional way.

In a world where traditions and culture easily drown in the sea of modernization, companies like Hiptipico are becoming more and more important.


Make an impact this holiday season, do more than just shop and as always, wear confidence on your sleeves!

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