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Does your closet reflect your current style?

Kemi OdesolaComment
Does your closet reflect your current style?

I've had closet shame for a few months now. We all have those 5 to 10 items we wear ALL. THE. TIME. Yet our closets are over flowing. At some point we loved these forgotten items so much, that we paid good money for them. Only for them to be relegated to the back of the closet. That's why we never have anything to wear!

It is even worse now with today's fast fashion that a lot of new clothes don't even last as long as the older pieces because of their quality and construction. One wash and it's gone!

Since starting the blog, I've found it harder and harder to pick clothes from my closet, that I would love to show you, without shopping for something new. I have all these ideas of amazing style combinations and ways to elevate your style, but haven't been able to implement them. 

A few weeks ago, I realized why. Most of the clothes in my closet are no longer my style. They were great 3 - 4 years ago when I was in school but not anymore.

Life is constantly happening and our circumstances are always changing. Our closet needs to transition with us through our different phases in life. From gaining weight, to having a baby to a different sense of style all together! 

I used to do a closet clean out at least once a year but I haven't done one going on 3 - 4 years. (Closet swap party anyone??) So imagine the clutter. I even still have things in the shopping bags they came in... how bad is that?! I'm glad my husband keeps me on the straight and narrow. If not I almost feel like, I would have been a good candidate for TLC's TV show "Hoarders". I know I'm exaggerating, but you get the picture. 

Our closet needs to transition with us through our different phases in life.

I plan to do a good cleanse this spring. I am already psyching myself up for the work ahead. But the upside is I get to start on a clean slate and ensure anything I buy going forward is absolutely my style.

My rules for a closet cleanse:

If it is ripped or damaged in any way - get rid of it.

If it does not fit today (no - "I'm planning to lose weight and it will fit me in 6 months") - get rid of it.

If I have not worn it in the last one year - get rid of it.

If I do not absolutely love it (the fit, style etc) - get rid of it.

If I would not go into a store and buy it today - get it rid of it.

I know that if I am not brutal, I will end up with majority of them back in my closet and it would have been a waste of time. Besides I won't have a reason to go shopping (like we need reasons to go shopping!).

How many people have closet shame like I do? Don't lie... Now is the time to plan ahead. Schedule it so it can get done. I will keep you posted once my spring cleaning starts, we can even motivate each other and do it together. You will be the first to know of my shopping finds! 

Ignore your closet shame like I do, no one needs to know!  And as always, wear confidence on your sleeves!