3 Tips for Moms to Feel More Energized + Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

3 Tips for Moms to Feel More Energized + Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As moms it's definitely very easy to put ourselves on the back burner. The needs of our mini-mes always come first. This is our responsibility and so is our well being. How can we take care of others when we are running on fumes all the time.

I was tired of being tired, and decided to start making some changes. These 3 simple things have really helped and I hope they are helpful to you as well. Incorporating these little changes in my life daily have definitely helped and I know Rome wasn't built in a day so baby steps!

1. Sleep:

Number one definitely is sleep. Moms are the last to go to bed and the first to wake up. Yet some studies show that women need more sleep than men do! While it is next to impossible to keep sleeping while your little one insists they are awake and ready to start the day, improving sleep quality is achievable.

One thing a lot of us do, and I’m definitely guilty of this is go to bed without going to sleep. We go to bed and are on our phones and Social Media etc.. for at least another 30 minutes before we put them away.

A little change I’ve incorporated in the past few weeks, is shutting off my phone at least 15 minutes before I go to bed so that my brain is not overstimulated. I hope to ramp up to shutting down 30 minutes before bed by next week. While this has not really increased my sleep time, because I’m not one of those who fall asleep immediately their head hits the pillow, it has definitely improved my quality of sleep. My brain and mind feels a little more relaxed and I seem to be sleeping a bit deeper and more rested.

2. Exercise

A couple of years ago, I played soccer twice a week and was at the gym a few times a week. I loved the group classes because I was motivated to keep up with the instructor and others. But for the last little while, I have been a couch potato.

I have tried to jump start my fitness a few times but I haven't been successful. This has been really on and off for me for a while, and now I have recognized that when I go full force, I run myself down very quickly and it has a negative effect. It ends up lasting about 1 to 2 weeks and I’m just done.

I have now restarted very slowly with doing 15 minute chunks of exercises from taking a walk to doing some low impact exercises with weights. I also hope to ramp this up to 30 minutes by next week with a bit more intensity. I believe this has also contributed positively to improving my quality of sleep and I am feeling more rested.

3. Vitamins

My mum believes that vitamins can cure anything and everything. She is in her 70s and doesn't look a day over 55 and I finally believe her! I have a love-hate relationship with any type of medication. I would rather get a needle and experience a few of seconds of pain than take a pill. My family makes fun of my inability to take medication! But I’m getting better!

I have just started taking vitamins again and I must say I feel amazing! I believe the quality of the vitamins matter as well, because of the percentage of active ingredients compared to the fillers. I have used the Nutrilite Double X which is a combination of Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrient Supplements and Nutrilite Sleep Health on nights when I found it difficult to fall asleep. They have been amazing! 

I hope these tips help you in feeling more energized daily!  And to all the amazing mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Please contact me, and let me know if these tips have helped in any way. If you are interested, these are some of the vitamins I’ve been taking and some others that come highly recommended, they would make amazing mother’s day gifts for you or that tired mum on your list!

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       Busy Mum Bundle

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          G&H Gift set

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         G&H Gift Bundle

         G&H Gift Bundle

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This funny mum video definitely sums why we need to take care of ourselves. Go ahead and have some me time, the dishes can wait! Enjoy!

Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic has her priorities straight, and doing the dishes isn't on the list. Set Your priorities right 😎


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