Doyin Omotara - Redefining Beauty

Doyin Omotara - Redefining Beauty

What does beauty really mean to you? For me, as you might already know is living authentically and being true to yourself. Focusing on living your best life and supporting others to do the same. Feeling as good as you look and looking as good as you feel! 

The Brazen Woman this week is Doyin Omotara, an Engineer turned Makeup Artist / Entrepreneur / Confidence coach! She is on a mission to uplift and empower women, to help them connect with their inner beauty and power and she is doing this using makeup as a platform. How?.. You ask?.. Keep reading! 

The Brazen Closet: What do you do?

Doyin: I refer to myself as a beauty entrepreneur! I’m the founder of Adoniaa Beauty, a products and beauty services company on a mission to connect girls and women to their individual beauty. There are 3 divisions: Products, Make-up services and the Beauty-Academy.

The Brazen Closet: How did you get started, what was your inspiration to do this?

Doyin: I have always loved makeup even as a child. The first professional makeup artistry course I took was in my 3rd year of Engineering School in University. I was 20 years old at the time after which I started getting bridal gigs. When I relocated to the U.K. in 2010 from Trinidad & Tobago, I continued doing that part time, in addition to working full time as an Engineer. We then moved to Calgary in 2015, that’s when I decided to commit to it full time and register a company.

My dream was to create a company that made women look and feel beautiful. So I searched online for one word for beautiful woman, I saw different names, then I saw the name Adoniaa, it's a Greek word that means beautiful woman and that's how Adoniaa was born.

The Brazen Closet: With such a passion for makeup, how did you go to school for Engineering to begin with?

Doyin: In high school, I was a straight A student. I loved Physics, Science and Mathematics. Like most Nigerian parents, they wanted me to become a Doctor. But I ended up picking Engineering because Mathematics and Physics were easy for me. I knew I didn’t have plans to read all those medical books, because I still wanted to have fun with beauty events (she laughs). While in school I also sold Mary Kay products and did some more training in makeup artistry.

It was in 2014 that I decided I wanted to take it further than offering only makeup services. I also wanted my own line of products. I decided to put all my energy into it and things started unfolding.

The Brazen Closet: What is the story and vision behind your brand and wanting women to feel beautiful?

Doyin: There was a lot of soul searching and research. I asked myself why do we wear makeup? Because we want to look beautiful. But looking and feeling beautiful are 2 different things. I then asked how can we feel beautiful? We feel beautiful when we are confident in who we are.

Makeup is not enough to define beauty, is getting to that place of confidence, the place of true beauty and connecting to who you truly are
— Doyin

Does makeup enhance confidence? Maybe at the time you have makeup on you might feel, a bit more confident, but what happens after the makeup is washed away? How can something temporary create a lasting effect?

How can I help women feel beautiful within and have that confidence that doesn’t fade when makeup is washed off? It boils down to how you define beauty personally and how you connect with your inner beauty. That was how the vision came to help women connect to their individual beauty.

The Brazen Closet: Adoniaa just relaunched – how did that come about and how have you now introduced the true meaning of beauty in your brand?

Doyin: Historically, the definition of beauty, especially by the Media, that we have all been accustomed to is only physical. Makeup on your face is not enough to define beauty. So how do we get to that place of confidence, the place of true beauty and connecting to who you truly are?

We all need to be able to answer the question “Who are you?” That is what Adoniaa is all about.

This message was solidified after our launch in September, 2016. The theme of the event was Unmask your Beauty and I received lots of feedback about how the event inspired people to do more. That made it more than a product launch for us. This was a beauty revolution, seeing women connecting with who they were and following their dreams. This message was so powerful and I had to find a way to keep inspiring people.

But before I started teaching people how to connect with their beauty, I needed to know what I was teaching, connect with myself and answer the same questions for myself. I was introduced to Detola Amure of Super Working Mum, a life coach focusing on Christian mums who want to live a life of purpose. She launched a course called Map Your Life Purpose Blueprint Program which totally changed my life, I ended up working with her one-on-one.

From working with her, I spent more time meditating to hear from God and that's when I got the idea to change the names of my products to empowering messages that women wanted to be connected to, that was huge for me!

It was a big and powerful project for my team and I, changing the names of my products to little positive affirmations like I am deserving, I am Valuable, I am worthy, I am Authentic, etc. During this time there was a lot of spiritual growth and self-development as well.  My life is just more meaningful, where I can actually inspire and empower people because I am full.

Getting clear on your values, mission and vision make you feel empowered daily to follow through
— Doyin

The Brazen Closet: So what keeps you motivated through difficult times?

Doyin: I realized that I thrive in an environment where there is growth! I changed roles/jobs a lot in the past as I get bored easily doing the same thing over and over again. My motivation is in the fact that I am growing with the business as I face and overcome challenges daily, trying out new strategies and pushing myself. Personal growth motivates me and I find it in my business daily.

I used to say makeup was my passion but it’s not anymore. It’s bigger than that! Now, I would say it is the impact that the ‘unmask your beauty’ message can make to totally transform the lives of young girls and women all over the world. It is a dream bigger than me and that is my motivation. There are so many women who need to hear this message, who need to be empowered and equipped to find their beauty and inner power.

The Brazen Closet: Were there any fears or doubts and how did you deal with it and how would you say to anyone going through this?

Doyin: Definitely! There were so many things, one of the toughest for me was transitioning from branding myself as a makeup artist to a brand that is on a mission to empower girls and women through the platform of makeup.

This was changing what I thought I was supposed to be doing, as a makeup artist or rather the label I gave myself. How can a makeup artist be so different? I was known for my make-up artistry and I even started getting questions and messages from friends wondering what was happening and if I wasn’t getting enough clients or running out of ideas. I had to stay away from social media for a while so, I could focus on what was important for this big dream to become a reality.

For you to achieve your dreams, you need to step away from the noise and stop looking at what others are doing to focus on yourself and your message. That was key in helping me move forward in my busuiness.

The dream was also a bit scary, how do I manifest this dream? I did not see myself as a speaker to women or an author writing a book. I thought things like that were for others. I even went on Google to try to find someone who was a makeup artist & a life/confidence coach but found nothing, this was definitely beyond me!

This also motivated me even more because I knew that this dream was not coming from me and as long as I am connected to God, who is my source of power, I knew that there are some amazing things in store that I can’t even begin to imagine.

The Brazen Closet: Looking back is there anything that you would have done differently?

Doyin: Nailing down my values, mission and vision for my company is the one thing I wish I had defined earlier on in the business. Asking myself the question “why” till I’m not able to ask anymore. I should have focused on that before kicking off the company.

Since I got clear on my message - my values, mission and vision; making decisions for my business has been a lot easier and I feel empowered daily to follow through with this vision. This is what drives me daily and fills me up with energy. I am grateful for this experience as I can now talk about it and mentor younger women in business or ministry.

The Brazen Closet: What’s in store for Adoniaa in 2017?

Doyin: The re-brand was the first major project of the year. I want Adoniaa to be recognized as a brand that is about uplifting, validating, inspiring and empowering women to be the best version of themselves. These four feelings are big for me and that’s what I want the brand, Adoniaa to be associated with.

We also recently kicked off the Unmask Your Beauty Connect, where women can come together to have conversations and connect with each other, to be equipped and empowered, to know who they really are and live a life of true beauty, all of this of course while playing with our empowered products. I also hope to equip other women and community leaders to facilitate these events all over the world as well.

We also just launched our affiliate program with bloggers and beauty enthusiasts, where they make 25% off our products when they refer them to people.

The Unmask Your Beauty Series was also kicked off in April. They are short 2-3 minute videos to teach women tips to live authentically and the Beauty TV series which are how-to videos for easy makeup tips using our products, which has been highly requested.

As part of Scaling up the business as well, we are training Adoniaa makeup artists that will represent the Adoniaa brand everywhere they go by uplifting women through using our products, and having authentic conversations with clients.

The Brazen Closet: What does style mean to you?

Doyin: Style for me is a representation of who you are! I don’t believe in trends. Trends are good, but I believe style should be your personality, should reflect who you really are.


We are not here by accident, we are here to live out our potential and the first step is knowing and connecting to who you really are! I hope Doyin has been an inspiration to you.

You can find Adoniaa and purchase the line of Empowered products on the website at 

Facebook: @adoniaaworld

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