Pantyhose vs Tights vs Leggings

Pantyhose vs Tights vs Leggings

I started The Brazen Style series on Facebook live, where I give styling tips and cover different topics. I also have a question segment called "Ask Kemi" where I answer your burning style questions  (FYI I do Facebook lives at least once a week, so watch out for them!)

In this week's segment, I was asked to clarify the differences between pantyhose, tights and leggings; when and how to wear them.

I want add to that, while fishnet stockings or tights may be great for a fun night-out, they are unprofessional and inappropriate for business owners or in corporate settings and should be avoided like a plague.

While leggings are great under tunics, short dresses etc. They should not be worn as pants professionally either. They are great to wear outside work/business, weekends, under short denim skirts and shorts etc. They are very versatile and can add lots of personality with all the various styles and patterns available today. I personally have a brightly patterned pair that is super comfy. I wear it to run errands, around the house etc. but never to meet a client or to a networking event.

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