The Art of Confidence

Confidence is the most essential item you wear ... Of course an awesome blazer, a pair of killer heels and some lipstick help too!

Women and Self-Confidence

I read an article recently called The Confidence Gap, it concludes that women seem to underestimate their abilities and men overestimate their abilities but the actual quality their performance is similar.

We tend to shrink back from raising our hands to opportunities when we feel we are not 100% qualified and perfect, while men will step forward even when they are only about 50% qualified.

Perfection is the enemy

We always want to everything to be perfect and this gets us in an analysis paralysis that we barely get anything done. I am the perfect example of this and I’m sure you can relate on this one.

Self-Confidence is your best outfit... ROCK IT!... OWN IT!!

The Art

The article concludes that CONFIDENCE matters as much as COMPETENCE; and like competence, confidence can be acquired! The more you practice, the better you get. If it can be acquired then I’m on a mission to acquire it and make it an ART with as many women as I can.

It is knowing who you are and loving yourself as you are. It is placing value on yourself, knowing that you matter and being as kind to yourself as you are to others.

The Tool

I believe in looking as good as you feel and feeling as good as you look. We have to get dressed every day, so why not use fashion and style as a confidence booster. Doing this with purpose every single day even when we don’t feel like it, brings self-assurance a step closer.

It is not about the clothes, it is about the wearer. So don’t forget... Confidence is the companion of success! When you are self-assured, you genuinely believe there is value in who you really are. The more you believe it and internalize it, the more it materializes.

Your Awesomeness!

It has become more important to me, so that I can teach my son, by living it every single day. Like I tell him all the time, YOU ARE AWESOME, and don’t you ever forget it! You are awesome, your thoughts matter, YOU MATTER! So don’t forget... SELF-CONFIDENCE is your best outfit ... ROCK IT! ... OWN IT!